Protect your customers with effective food safety

    A quick guide to avoiding bacterial  contamination in your vegetable processing lines.

    Unsure of the food safety risks in your pack-house and how to avoid them? Our guide can help.

    Food safety is an essential consideration when designing or upgrading a production line. With many countries putting more effort into traceability, enforcement of food safety regulations and new technologies it is now more important than ever.

    Food recalls are costly both in lost product and damaged reputation, and designing for food safety can help to lower that risk.

    Our latest guide offers tips on how to avoid bacterial contamination in your pack-house, touching on four core areas of concern:

    • Water
    • Workers
    • Equipment
    • Facilities

    Once you understand the risk factors, our guide examines the seven elements that make up an effective food safety plan, and offers advice on the value of designing for food safety.

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