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    Combat food waste with effective post-harvest cooling

    Get the best from your harvest with hydro-cooling.

    As much as 45% of all fruits and vegetables are wasted around the globe. Our guide on better post-harvest cooling can help reduce food waste at your operation.

    The volume of wastage during the food production process carries a significant financial impact. Delivering the best possible produce to customers – and receiving the highest prices for it – means taking steps to reduce this wastage.

    The most effective tool producers have for combating the post-harvest deterioration of fruits and vegetables is temperature management.

    Our latest guide offers advice on how to implement more effective post-harvest cooling strategies to improve the quality of your output. You will learn more about:

    • Why cooling produce is important
    • The importance of speed in the cooling process
    • The carbon impacts of wasted produce
    • The case for full-immersion hydro-cooling as the most effective method

    Download our hydro-cooling guide and see how you can reduce your post-harvest waste and maximize the quality of your produce.

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