Investing in a post-harvest processing line

A guide to help you understand the process so you can find the perfect solution for your business.

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Growers and pack-houses from across the world use Wyma products and services to help get higher quality produce and better prices for their harvest by making their pack-houses more efficient.

Learn more about our post-harvest solutions and equipment that helps growers and pack-houses across the world get more for their harvest.

Richard Gorman, Managing Director of a large carrot growing operation in Australia works closely with Wyma to improve the quality of his produce for his customers. 

Click here [4 minute video] to learn how Richard utilises Wyma equipment and advice to grow his business for the next generation.

Kalfresh carrots


We have developed three separate quick guides for carrots, potatoes and onions to show the recommended order for equipment to be placed in your line to get the highest quality produce as a result.

For all other types of produce we are happy to provide advice around the best order or layout of equipment in a line solution to maximise the output quality of your specific produce type or variety. Simply contact us and we will discuss what options would work well for your business.